District 211 grants transgender students unrestricted locker-room access

The attainment of transgender students’ unrestricted access to locker rooms was the goal of the federal complaint in 2015 of a Fremd High School student who had been required to use a private space outside the girls’ locker room to change for gym class.

Just proof that women and girls don’t matter. Any rights we have we fought hard for can be taken away to fulfill the whims of a fetishistic male.

This ‘transwoman’ had been given a private space to get changed in, but that wasn’t good enough.

The brave young woman in the video talks about how her rights to privacy have been invaded, that’s exactly what’s happened. My heart breaks for her and all the other girls this ruling affects.

These rulings bring us closer and closer to a dystopian handmaids tale type world. We need to fight back for ourselves and all future generations of girls and women.

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