These are not our crimes.

This is an excellent collection of data.

71 one criminals are presented in this video. All from the UK. Now I don’t know the exact number of trans women in the UK, but my guess is that this is a rather high number to be committing crimes.

It’s also interesting to note how many of these crimes are similar nature. It’s especially distubing how many of them have committed crimes against children.

These are the people we don’t want in women’s spaces. And these are the people taking them from us.

Not only is it an issue that these sick depraved men are able to gain access to women’s spaces, but if they’re reported and counted as women’s crimes it completely changes crime statistics.

I have downloaded the video and will upload it directly if the Youtube link is ever removed.

QR Code

Some of these men appear in the video.

Popping the above image here, this would be a good image to show people/turn into a sticker.

Stay safe if you’re putting up stickers!


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