Reddit Hates Women

On 29th June, Reddit banned the radical feminist subreddit r/GenderCritical, Reddit’s most active feminist community, which had nearly 65,000 subscribers and more than 27,000 daily users, as part of their campaign to rebrand themselves as being against “hate.” The subreddit’s history shows that the moderators always complied with the Reddit admins, and that the standards of moderation were consistently excellent. Reddit admins never communicated with us that they had a problem with our community or our moderation. We had no warning that this was going to happen. r/GenderCritical never promoted hate – but anti-feminists think women standing up for themselves is hateful. Reddit silencing women and denying us access to the many valuable resources we created on our subreddit is part of the wider, misogynistic campaign to silence feminist voices (which is amply documented at r/cance11ed). Unsurprisingly, subreddits that promote hatred of women and involuntary pornography remain unbanned. The team at GC will not allow women’s voices to be silenced. We are looking for other means of keeping our vibrant and growing community alive. Please follow our social media announcements for further updates. #reddithateswomen

I’m devastated. This sub was a place where women could go and discuss the very real harm the Trans Rights movement is doing to women. The mods were vigilant in making sure there were no violations of the reddit rules and it still got deleted.

They deleted a range of subs where women could gather. This is silencing women.

A fact that’s blatantly evident considering the sub Gender Critical Guys survived the ban.

They didn’t ban subs that are filled with abuse and porn, to my knowledge, there are still subs up that are pro incel and pedos.

Stay strong out there! Keep fighting! They can delete out forums but they can’t stop us from fighting!

edit: Gender Critical has got backup here


    • I guess it’s good they’re scared. Joanne Rowling has really helped to wake people up!

      It does suck tho that so much information is gone. Hopefully, a lot was backed up somewhere. Personally, I have a screenshot as many peak trans stories as I could. Will be putting them up on the website soon.

      Thank you for the info! I will update the post!

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