Welcome to the Gender Critical QR Project.

A woman is an adult human female.

Only women have periods.

Lesbians are same sex attracted females.

Biological sex is real.

A few simple truths that will now get you labeled as a transphobic bigoted terf.

We can’t talk about our health needs, out safety or even call ourselves ‘women’ without being labelled and shunned.

What is the project?

The point of the project is for a discreet low risk way to share information.

Placing stickers in public bathrooms, public transport or amongst other stickers in public places are least likely to be linked back to an individual.

To start the project will have a few QR codes that link to specific articles/blogs/videos that have been deemed important. A QR code that will change to topical articles/blogs/videos, at this point this is planned to be fortnightly or monthly. And a QR code that leads back to this website.

All QR Codes are available to be downloaded and printed.

Why QR Codes?

They are a simple and clean way to spread information.

The lack of words and images also help to spark interest in where the code leads, while also avoiding an preconceptions people may have to the content shared.

They can be printed in a variety of ways, as well as placed into digital content.

Where to print?

For the project the QR Codes have been printed from here:


There are multiple countries availble, these stickers are good quality while also being very affordable. They’re also nice and small so carrying them around is discreet.

However please print them wherever you’re most comfortable with and can afford. It’s the message that’s most important.