My First Time Breastfeeding My Daughter

Breastfeeding is freaky. Not the sucking bit. You’re reading The Stranger, so odds are you’ve had a titty sucked at some point in your life. No, it’s because when my baby attached to my breast, there was an incredible chemical cascade that ran through my entire body like lightning. Imagine the most electric thing a partner has ever done to you, then multiply it by 10. I could feel my brain rewiring, creating pathways that would permanently connect me to my child. (And yeah, I kind of got off on it. Don’t judge.)

– Dana Fried

I will judge you, I will judge you heavily. As I’m sure anyone one with common sense would.

Let’s go through this shall we, and look at all the major problems in this.

I’ll start with the pedophilic that this sick twisted individual got off on breastfeeding. Seriously. I have never heard a woman say they found sexual pleasure from breastfeeding. I’m pretty sure if they did CPS would be called asap.

Now the science, the method of induced lactation talked about in this article is one that is used by lesbian couples and mother’s of surrogate children/adopted children etc. It is not something done by male partners.

Why not? Well males don’t produce the hormone prolactin. Taking certain drugs such as domperidone can increase/cause it in males.

So I guess males can lactate via unnatural means, doesn’t mean it is necessarily safe for the baby though. Considering breastfeeding women aren’t even supposed to take low level drugs like aspirin and have to avoid certain foods, I’m pretty sure the cocktail of drugs transwomen are on wouldn’t be good for the baby nor provide any nutritional value.

I could go on, but my skin is crawling and I want to throw up. So I’ll leave it here.

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